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CRYSTALS 2 Watermelon Tourmaline Quartz
Ammonites | Dinosaurs | Minerals | Meteorites | Trilobites Big Watermelon Tourmaline point naturally positioned into a large White Quartz point cluster
Clear Quartz Orange Citrine Smokey Quartz, White Felspar
Thick Clear Quartz point cluster with flows of bright Orange Citrine at the base Thin tall dark black Smokey Quartz points individually positioned into White Felspar
Orange Citrine Crystal Quartz Gold Rutilated Crytals
Bright Spiney Orange Citrine Cluster over White Quartz Very Bright Gold Rutilated Crytals in perfectly Clear Quartz
Manganese Quartz Citrine Crystal Green Citrine Crystals
Ornate Dendridic Manganese formations (plant like) in Clear Quartz mixed with Yellow Citrine Thick Bright Green Citrine Point with Rainbow inclusions
Indigo Blue Tourmaline Crystal Watermelon Tourmaline Crystal
Deep colored Indigo Blue Tourmaline thick point with a gradual color change to Green Tourmaline
Visit Often New Additions Posted Daily Tall thick Watermelon Tourmaline natural point with beautiful tapered layering
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