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ABOUT Wonders Of The World .

Come visit and explore through over 10,000 different types of real historical treasures that were gathered from over 150 countries during the last 30 years. Everything is real: the dinosaurs, the meteorites, the ancient artifacts, and the gems and minerals. The gems and minerals are not lab created or made of other substances other then their natural elements.Most of our very special jewelry is custom designed and 1 of a kind.

Serious collectors have traveled to our shop from almost every country in the world to personally hand select through our incredible qualities. We focus on a wide variety of quality items starting from just $1 dollar. For example fossils, crystals and minerals start at just $1 and meteorites start at just $5. Then again we have something for everyone including the most advanced collector that seems to have seen and almost collected everything that is best of the best.

We have features many times on TV for a wide variety of shows including the Conan O'Brian Show. Even Steven Spielberg spoke about us on the Oprah Winfrey Show. When you come to visit you never know who you are going to meet. We have many celebrities like Steven Spielberg, Kurt Russel, David DuCovney, Meg Ryan, Bruce Willis, Aaron Paul, etc etc enjoying our incredible products. Plus you can have a chance to mingle with some our personal favorite clients like our interesting local neighbors, scientists from all over the world and super cool visitors from all over the world.

Your shopping experience of hand picking through the best products in the world will personally fulfill you with lots excitement and pleasure. The aura of the gallery has a very special feeling much like walking through the land of Oz.

During your visit you will view many different types of things you have never seen before. Most of our guests usually don't want to leave once they have made it inside. But most importantly, almost everyone leaves with a big smile on their face. Many of our clients create their own home museum for their family and friends to enjoy.

We request appointments to be made as the gallery is hosted by a single person. Never assume we are always open as we have to travel the world to hand select our special qualities. There may be spontaneous time periods of 2 to 3 months where the shop may be closed. It's always best to call first if you are traveling from any great distance. Enjoy your special day.

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