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Wonders of the World
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The Wonders of the World Collection has always been very popular for it’s quality selections. Serious collectors have traveled here from almost every
country to purchase our hard-to-find treasures.

We have been featured many times on T.V. and have even been spoken about on “Oprah.” It is the kind of place where special gifts are discovered. Every piece can proudly be passed on for future generations to enjoy.

Your shopping experience with us will personally
fill you with lots of excitement and pleasure as you take an adventure through our incredible collection. The aura of the gallery has a very special feeling much like a journey through the land of “oz.”

During your visit you will discover many things you have never seen before and you will definitely have a very strong desire to own most of them.

Consistently the majority of our clientele never want to walk back out once they have made it inside. But most importantly, every one leaves with a big smile on their face as they are very exited about the purchase they have made from our museum.

Every item we sell is authentic. Prices range from just .20¢ to over $1 million dollars each for the very rare ones. There is always something very cool and affordable no matter how much money you make.

Many of our customers create their own home museums or their family and friends to enjoy. I have decided to be very active in community affairs as I happily donated over $100,000 to develop educational programs in our local schools.

All the top quality items we sell are one-of-a-kind. Appointments are recommended if you wish dedicated time to learn about the detail of the special items.

Never assume we are always open since the museum is often closed for 2-3 week intervals without notice. Call first if you are travelling from any great distance. Enjoy your special day.

Henry Runge
Wonders of the World Museum and Gallery

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Wonders of the World ~ 1460 Lincoln Boulevard ~ Santa Monica, California 90401 ~ Open 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM Monday thru Saturday (Call First)
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